2017 Sponsors

"The help and assistance I receive from my valued sponsors and supporters is something I can’t thank them enough for. Without this support it would be much harder for me to not only focus on my competitive career but to also continue it."


trizone logoTri-Zone® boots are designed and developed by EQUILIBRIUM - a company that dedicates itself to making top quality products that work to protect your horse, so he can perform to the best of his ability.

EQUILIBRIUM has developed Tri-Zone Airlite Boots, a highly innovative new range of boots that completely challenges the traditional rigid boot design by providing high protection whilst maintaining lightness, flexibility and breathability.

Unlike other show-jumping boots, Tri-Zone® Airlite Tendon and Fetlock boots use a triple layer system to provide excellent protection without any impediment or restriction offering an extremely comfortable and lightweight boot.

The Tri-Zone Airlite range has been tested in an independent safety laboratory for its ability to reduce concussion and resist penetration using the same test as body protectors and police armour.

For full details on Tri-Zone Boots and their Boot Testing methods visit the website: http://www.equilibriumproducts.com

Dan uses Equilibrium Trizone boots

Hermes Sellier

Balanced Horse Feeds 2012 sponsor of International showjumper Dan Neilson

A world class organisation based in Paris. Dan is exceptionally pleased to be associated with such a worldwide brand icon such as Hermes. Dan currently uses Hermes Sellier saddles and clothing.

Hermes Saddles as used by Dan

Balanced Horse Feeds

Balanced Horse Feeds 2012 sponsor of International showjumper Dan Neilson

Our Mission is to provide the best feeds available for horse and ponies living in the UK & Europe.

Use ingredients, wherever possible and practical, that would have been available to the horse in the natural state.

Formulate feeds specifically targeted to the particular equine in question.

Continually monitor the effects any of our range has on the species, and to upgrade, improve or adjust nutrients accordingly, in line with current research, in order to stay at the front of the marketplace.

Market our products in an ethical way i.e. to NOT sell any products by inferring that “if you don’t use them then you will not be doing ‘right’ by your horse or pony”.

Not slate our competitors or their products.

“Agricultural practices have swung away from using traditional ingredients for horse feeds, some of the ingredients used now are quite disturbing. My team and I feel this may be why some horses react badly to some feeds; with filled legs, bumps and temperament oddities etc. We pride ourselves on only using traditional well established ingredients in our products. We have always told people what we use and are more than happy that the law now makes it a requirement for all ingredients to be declared.” Ian Adams-lane.

Website: http://www.balancedhorsefeeds.co.uk

Dan using Balanced Horse Feeds rug

TRM - Excellence in equine nutrition

TRN logo

TRM, a Business Partner of British Show Jumping, has announced it is to extend its high profile UK sponsorship portfolio with support for two leading young show jumpers Daniel Neilson and Pippa Allen.

“For me as a showjumper, TRM really completes the full professional package”, explained Daniel, “as it’s unbelievably important to have individual nutritional advice and support for each horse, because it will give me that edge in the ring.”

Pippa is equally enthusiastic, saying, “This is a great opportunity, as I can make use of all the experience of the TRM team to help with the science behind the nutritional management of the horses, which is such a crucial part of being successful. I am looking forward to learning a lot along the way.”

Tom Barrett, Vice President Europe, North America, Tom Barrett said, “Both of these young riders have impressive records in the sport and we are delighted to develop our association with British Show Jumping in this way, as they will be excellent ambassadors for the TRM brand.”

Website: http://www.trm-ireland.com

Dan using TRM horse rug

Group Metals Business Ltd

"A really big part of the quality companies backing me is Group Metals Business Ltd, who have given superb support in helping us move the team forward and enable me to compete at the highest level of showjumping. It is a pleasure to work with such a quality company who give such top class support."

Dan jumping

Balanced Horse Feeds are sponsor of Dan for 2013

Trizone sponsor Dan Neilson for 2013

Hermes Sellier are 2013 sponsor of Dan Neilson

TRM are one of Dan's 2013 sponsors