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Latest Results from the Spring MET 2017 - Tour I

23rd Jan Rider Horse Class Faults Time Position
23rd Jan Daniel Neilson Cirus 1.35m 0 76.69 20th
23rd Jan Stacey Willsone Alsager 1.25m 0 58.63 8th
23rd Jan Daniel Neilson Major Delacour 1.40m 0 35.52 JO 19th
23rd Jan Daniel Neilson Newton Nickel 1.45m - World Ranking Class 0 39.78 JO 9th
24th Jan Daniel Neilson Major Delacour 1.30m 0 80.65 28th
24th Jan Daniel Neilson Cirus 1.35m 0 76.96 25th
26th Jan Daniel Neilson Cirus 1.30m 0 83.87 16th
26th Jan Daniel Neilson Major Delacour 1.40m 0 - 3T 94.50 32nd
27th Jan Daniel Neilson Cirus 1.40m 0 - 1T 85.30 23rd
27th Jan Daniel Neilson Major Delacour 1.35m 0 - 1T 47.72 16th
28th Jan Daniel Neilson Major Delacour 1.45m 0 - 0 41.70 6th
29th Jan Daniel Neilson Cirus 1.35m 0 - 0T 68.94 2nd

Dan and the team have safely arrived in Oliva Nova in Spain and are now getting ready for the CSI international show.


Dan and his super pair of 7yr olds got the second week of the Cagnes Sur Mer CSI** show off to a great start. STRIDES HATTON'S TREASURE got the ball rolling and carried on his excellent form from last week with a very impressive double clear in a time of 88.40. Likewise CIRRUS was in similar form with a very smooth clear round both finishing in joint first place.

In the big 1.40m class on day one of the second week Major Delacour was also in great form and skipped around a tough course jumping clear in 79.75sec to finish a good 15th place.

Dan 6th in Grand Prix at CAGNES SUR MER CSI**

Dan ended the first week in Cagnes Sur Mer in great style with Newton Nickel jumping double clear in the Grand Prix to finish an excellent 6th place. Newton Nickel was very impressive over this big Grand Prix track and this augers well for week two of the show.

Dan of to Great Start at CAGNES SUR MER CSI**

Dan and the team got off to a really nice start at the two week CAGNES SUR MER CSI** show with both Dan's lovely 7yr olds Cirrus and Strides Hatton's Treasure jumping clear round in the 7yr old age classes. Strides Hatton's Treasure then put in an excellent performance in the 7yr old Grand Prix jumping double clear to finish a great first couple of days jumping for the young horses.

MAJOR DELACOUR with Dan trying out the racehorse gallops at Cagnes Sur Mer!


Dan's nice young stallion Harry X opened the last week of the CSI 3* show with a very good round of showjumping going clear to finish in a time of 57.37sec good enough for an excellent 8th place. Dan's 8yr Gelding MAJOR DELACOUR also started the last week of the show with a very solid clear round of jumping. Both have been showing real promise and have gained great experience from these international shows. Harry X didn't hang around in his second class of the week the 1.35m two phase contest, putting in an excellent double clear to finish in 4th place, his best performance of the show. "He's really getting himself together now" said Dan "He's gaining confidence all the time and putting in some really good performances. Jumping in show such as this will give the experience he needs and hopefully we'll build on this during the summer."

Stable star Newton Nickel got his last week off to a very impressive double clear in the 1.45m big class finishing just outstide the top 10 but comfortably qualifying for the Grand Prix on Sunday. On day two the 1.50m 2nd Grand Prix qualifier, Newton Nickel was equally impressive in his work but he just touched a pole to finish in 18th place on four faults.

Dan and 7yrd old Cirrus Star in Last Week of Poland CSI Show

Dan and Cirrus started things rolling in the final week of the Equestrian Spring Tour in Ciekocinko, Poland with an impressive clear round in the 7yr old 1.35m age class finishing in an excellent 8th place. Day two of the 1.35m age classes was even more impressive for Cirrus with an outstanding double clear to finish in 5th place. This progressive 7yr old has been kept very busy the last month but has maintained an impressive consistancy for a young horse. Strides Hatton's Treasure also jumped very well in two of the 7yr old age classes just having the odd pole down. "Cirrus has been outstanding the last three weeks. Everytime you ask him for a big effort he responds, he's had some excellent results during this tour. This should really set us up for a good summer with the younger horses."

Dan has another good week in Poland

Strides Hatton's Treasure and Cirrus both had another really good week, with clear rounds for both in the first CSIYH1* 7yr old age class. Cirrus was again outstanding with another double clear on day two with Strides Hatton's Treasure having just one pole. In the 7yr old Grand Prix Strides Hatton's Treasure put in two quality rounds of jumping with a clear in the first round and just one pole in the jump off finishing a highly creditable 11th place. "They both jumped really well again this week, I was very pleased the Hatton in the Grand Prix and with a little bit of luck we would've finished in the top five." said Dan.

Harry X and Major Delacour both produced good performances during week two with both jumping very good clear rounds, the highlights of which were a 10th place for Major Delacour and 15th place for Harry X. Newton Nickel started the week in great fashion with another clear round resulting in a top ten finish in the big 1.45m class. Nickel was in great nick for the Grand Prix at the end of the week but was very unlucky to have one fence down and finished in the pack. "It's been another really good week" said Dan "The young horses continue to jump well and Newton Nickel was a little bit unlucky this week but he still feels in great form and we're looking forward to the final week."

Dan has great first week in Poland - May 2016

Dan and the team got off to a great start on day 1 of the first week of the Equestrian Spring Tour in Ciekocinko, Poland with Strides Hatton's Treasure jumping an impressive clear round in the CSIYH1* to finish in a fine 12th place. Day two started as an action replay of day one with Strides Hatton's Treasure jumping an excellent double clear in the CSIYH1* 7yr old age class finishing in tenth place. However, not to be outdone, Cirrus went event better with a super double clear to finish in a very good 8th position. Both these 7yr olds are showing fine form this year and both look really progressive.

Day three of the first week was even more impressive as both Cirrus and Strides Hatton's Treasure produced outstanding performances in the 7yr old Grand Prix. Strides Hatton's Treasure looked in great form in the first round but an unlucky pole in the jump knocked him down to a still very good 8th place. Cirrus was in top form and showed all his scope producing two excellent rounds of jumping just failing to catch the winner Podgorna Angeliki riding ALANIA. "Both Hatton's and Cirrus have been excellent the last three days" said Dan "They are quick learners and all the expererience we've given them this year is starting to pay off, I couldn't be more pleased with both of them" added Dan.

On of Dan exciting young stallions Harry X was another who had an excellent week. Dan kept this promising stallion to the 1.30m classes and everyday he produced impressive performances. His first effort was a very nice double clear to finish in 5th place, another solid effort the following day produced another top six finish but Harry X saved by far his best performance for his last class jumping double clear finishing an excellent 3rd place. "He's a really nice stallion" said Dan "He has bags of scope, is progressive and could be very good, shows like this are great experience for him."

Dan got the older horses up and running with Newton Nickel continuing his great form of the last few months to jump a big double clear in the Grand Prix qualifier to finish in a good 13th place. Not content with that, Dan and Newton Nickel put up an outstanding performance in the 1.45m Gold Tour World Qualifying event jumping double clear to finish in a top class 3rd place. With Newton Nickel is such fine form it was no surprise to see him put in another quality performance in the Grand Prix, jumping clear in round one and with Dan chasing down a very competitive time in the jump off they just tapped one pole to finish on 4 faults. However, this was still good enough to finish in a highly creditable 6th place. "He's been outstanding in this first week" said Dan "Newton is getting comfortable jumping these big classes and I'm sure we'll win a very nice class soon."

Dan's has Excellent Final Week of Mediterranean Equestrian Tour

Dan finished the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour in fine style with an excellent 9th place on Newton Nickel in the CSI*** Grand Prix. On a very big and technical course, Dan and Newton Nickel looked set to join only one of five clear rounds but unfortunately Newton Nickel clipped an upright and had to settle for a highly creditable ninth place. "That was a real shame" said Dan "He's been in great form this entire trip and I thought we were going to get through to the jump-off. He's done nothing wrong and continues to improve, hopefully we'll pick up some nice classes in the summer with him." added Dan. This finished a great week for Newton Nickel who also jumped double clear in the 1.45m big class on on the Friday finishing in 7th place.

The rest of the older horses continued in good form. Saint'a Boy started the second week with an excellent 3rd place in the 1.35m class. Major Delacour followed that with a fine round of jumping on day two to go clear and finish in 6th place.

Dan's Young Horses in Great Form in Final Week

Dan's impressive string of seven year olds were in great form in the final week of the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour. After eye catching performances in the first week, the second week started with a bang with Strides Hatton's Treasure, Cirrus and Harry X all jumping super clears rounds. Day two produced equally impressive performances with both Cirrus, double clear and an excellent 11th place, and Harry X, double clear and 13th place carrying on where they left off on day one. Even though the 7yr old Grand Prix didn't quite pan out for Dan, all of the horses jumped excellent rounds with Cirrus finishing 8th, Harry X finishing 9th and Strides Hatton's Treasure finishing a creditable 11th place. "Delighted with all them" said Dan "All the young horses have been great and have matured on this trip. It's great experience for them and I'm hoping all of them will have a good summer season."

Dan Finishes Third in CSI*** World Ranking Class

Dan finshed the first week of the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour in great style with another classy performance on Newton Nickel finishing third in the World ranking class. After an impressive first round of jumping, Dan and Newton Nickel took on the task of chasing down the excellent time of Robert Vos on Carat. With another excllent flawless round in the jump-off Dan fell just short in trying to chase down the time and finished in the third place, with one of only three double clears. "That was a really good end to the week" said Dan "All the horses have jumped really well this week and it's a really encouraging start. Newton Nickel has jumped really well this week and he deserved this result."

Great Start for Dan in Spain

Dan has had the string firing from the off at the CSI1*/2*/3* Mediterranean Equestrian Tour in Oliva Nova Spain with all the horses in superb form. The 7 yrs old's got the ball rolling with both Harry X and Cirrus jumping excellent clears. Harry X hasn't been with the Dan very long but is already showing great promise and has lots of scope. Cirrus appears to have carried on his great form from last year, looking very progressive and strong. Later in the week Cirrus really showed his class with an excellent double clear in the 7yr Old Grand Prix to finish in 2nd place. Harry X also jumped in the Grand Prix jumping really well for 4 faults finishing a very creditable 12th place.

Major Delacour got the older horses off and running with a very clean round of jumping in the 1.30m class finishing in a good 12th place. In the big class of the day, the World ranking 1.45m big class, Dan and Newton Nickel produced a top class effort jumping clear to finish in a strong 7th place. Newton Nickel carries on improving and could really be an exciting prospect in the big classes during 2016.

Dan & Newton Nickel 4th in Grand Prix - CSI** Keysoe

Dan & Newton Nickel completed another impressive show with an excellent forth place in the testing and technical 1.45m Grand Prix at the CSI** show at Keysoe. After a very good double clear in the big 1.45m class on the Saturday, Dan & Newton Nickel built on that performance pushing hard for the £5000 prize. An ultra smooth round of jumping in the first round was followed by an even better effort in the jump off. Making up ground between the fences, Newton Nickel was his usual accurate self over the jumps to finish clear in 36.16secs just behind William Whitaker, William Funnell and Robert Smith.

"He's being great all show" said Dan "We didn't have the best place in the jump off having to go second, but I couldn't be more pleased with him. His jumping is very accurate and he was foot sure all weekend"

Dan Neilson International showjumper

Dan Neilson International showjumper

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